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Looking to keep my bitcoin data portable and encrypted however the large amount of blockchain data is problematic. I'd like to use bitcoin, truecrypt and googledrive. Is this possible?

Hey there, so I'm looking to store my wallet.dat in a truecrypt volume located on my google drive. It looks like with the stock bitcoin windows app, I would have to move the entire data directory. This wouldn't be a problem if the blockchain wasn't so huge. Is there a more lightweight app that would do this? Perhaps a better way?
The reason I'm having an issue is because to point Bitcoin.exe to my wallet.dat (which is located on a truecrypt volume in my googledrive folder) I have to point the entire data directory like so: bitcoin.exe -datadir=y:\Bitcoin
The problem with that though is the blockchain data is HUGE and I don't want it filling up my googledrive.
So I guess my questions are:
  1. Is there a portable light weight version of the bitcoin app that would handle this better?
  2. Is there a flag that won't redirect the ENTIRE bitcoin data folder and only point to where the wallet.dat file is?
  3. Is there a way to just omit the blockchain data somehow?
Thanks in advance, sorry if this has been covered before. I did a search but nothing came up.
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Obviously with datadir=C:... I can chance the directory bitcoin uses. I would like to store my wallet on a different hard drive than the blockchain. Is there a command for that? Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Bitcoin . Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Jobs; Unanswered ; How to solve error: Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for ... Bitcoin Core ist bereits beendet, wenn Sie den Fehler. Es kann nicht laufen ohne das datadir. Aber das schien nicht alles zu tun. Das problem ist, dass die externe Festplatte muss formatiert werden und montiert, wie pro Anweisungen [hier][1]? Als test habe ich versucht, das schreiben einer Datei auf der Festplatte aus dem system und Sie erhalten die folgende Fehlermeldung: mv: inter-Gerät ... i have tried copying the .conf file into stock ~/.bitcoin/testnet location, i have tried making a symlink from there to the whole dir - nothing helps. the only way to make it stop complaining is to stop using the -datadir argument, and let it store things in the default location. This is a bug, and should be fixed. :) Note, I have thus far only tried it with -testnet, I do not know if this ... blocksdir=C:\Bitcoin. datadir=D:\Bitcoin. In level-4 we discussed moving the datadir to a fast external storage, but the majority of the space used for bitcoin is the blocks directory (blocksdir). Although you should always use for fastest storage for datadir, you are free to use slow storage for blocksdir. So if you only want to consume a small amount of your SSD (assumed D:) then you can ...

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